Release debut album 01.02.2014

Amberjacks New Album

We are really excited and proud that, after a year of composing, recording, sweating, laughter and crying, our debut album is ready to be released.

On the 1st of februari 2014 we will unleash nine tracks of rock music in its purest form varying from loud rock ’n roll to darkish mellow sounds and psychedelic jams.

Initial release will be on CD in a special three page digipack. The album will be spread amongst all well known digital platforms as well. Vinyl will be released at a later date.

Info on preorders will follow soon!


Enjoy the teaser here!


Mastering! Finalizing the album!


Upcoming days the album will be mastered by Pieter Kloos @ The Void studio in Eindhoven. Pieter has worked with bands like 35007, Peter Pan Speedrock, Motorpsycho and Automatic Sam and this guy knows how to spice up a record!

We hope to update you within a few weeks with the end result! The release is planned for early 2014!

We’re really looking forward to hit the stages again. First gig is upcoming Saturday at Beeger Rock Weekend. More gigs to come! :)

How about that debut album?!


Well well… at the end of Augusts we entered the Moon Studio and recorded our first album with producer Wouter Bude. Nine tracks, approx 40 minutes (hey, it must fit a vinyl record!) of heavy, groovy, psychedelic, rock tunes. Wessel Oltheten did the mix in September/Oktober and now we’re in the stage of mastering the album….

…and then there were some holidays, abroad jobs and illness. So, we got some delay :)

But, here is a little teaser of the album cover (small part in black&white) made by Marco Jeurissen!

Mixing time @ Spoor 14

Mixing Time at Spoor 14

Today we entered Wessel Oltheten’s very well equipped studio to mix the album. Wessel gives the recordings a very dynamic and open sound with a loads of room. Just keep your eyes closed and you hear us play in an amazing room :)

Do you want to know more about Wessel, click here!

Mellotron day


Today Ruud Peeters joined at Moon Studio to record some amazing mellotron sounds for Sweet Summer Rain and High Speed Love.

His mellotron is absolutely a great piece of equipment. Invented and build in 60-ties and able to produce characteristic flute / choir sounds. Basically it is a kind of sampler but it generates sounds via audio tape. Once a key is pressed the audio tape is pressed against a playback head, like a cassette recorder. Very special to have such a piece of authentic equipment on our album! Ruud, many thanks for helping us out!

Album Recordings – Work in progress!


We’re on our 3rd day of recording our debut album. Drums and bass guitar are finished and sound big, real big! Eight songs recorded in about 2.5 days. That’s pretty good, at least what we think :)

Now it’s up to Jack and Jeroen to lay down their tracks. Upcoming days we will spend recording¬†guitar tracks and vocals. I hope you like guitar solo’s. Because there will be solo’s! :)

Check the photo gallery here!


Recordings start! Drums and Bassguitar!

1st day Drums and Bass recordings

After 8 months of preparations we’re finally entering the Moon Studio to record our debut album with producer Wouter Bude. After setting up our recording gear, doing sound checks we’re ready to record our first out of total nine tracks.

To keep a live vibe, we’re recording our songs playing live as a foursome. The goal is to end up with energetic drums & bass guitar tracks. All other instruments and vocals will be overdubbed later this week.

Check the photo gallery here

Preproduction Day @ Moon Studio

Prepod Day

As we’re preparing the recordings of our debut album with producer Wouter Bude we spend one day in the Moon Studio.

We setup our gear, recorded several live tracks, discussed sounds and recording approach.¬†It’s about time that we start with the real thing! But, still four weeks to go! Recordings start on 31st of August!

Studio Booked!

Late August we will start recording our first official release @ Moon Music Studio (ao. The Mad Trist, Navarone, Daniel Versteegh etc…).

We are really looking forward to record our tracks with producer Wouter Bude in his ‘very well’ equipped studio! Check out the website:

Currently we’re working on new songs, doing preproduction. About 15 songs are finished or nearly finished. Loads of ideas still waiting to be picked up. So yes, we expect some battles when choosing the tracks for our first release!

We won!

Last Saturday we played the bandcontest called ‘De Nach va Kaalhei’. And guess what, we won the contest! We had a really good time on stage & a big thanks for all the people who stayed late (we played at 01:00AM)!

This means we will also play the Sjilvend Rock(t) festival on the 23rd of Juni. So, here are our upcoming dates currently planned:

31-3 Heavy Easter – Brunssum
12-4 April Rock – Echt
4-5 Mr D’s Birthday Party – Geleen
23-6 Sjilvend Rock(t) – Schinveld
10-8 Minirok – Stramproy